How to check if a website is down or not

By | February 6, 2014

is my website down

This post discuss on how to check if a website is down or not using few online websites.

Do you own a blog or a website ? Not only a website owner but even as a normal user of any website can experience the problem that i am going to talk about today. Think you try to browse any website today and you were not able to access it. I personally had experience with which is one of the largest marketplace for online workers. The site was not accessible for me from my browser so what ? Is this No. 1 online marketplace went down ? Of course not because it was not just for few minutes i was not able to access the website for long time 🙁 . So i tried using some proxy website to check if it was down just for me or other’s too. And i was right, the website was just for me. So i wrote a mail to my ISP regarding the issue and i was told that such incident happens sometime due to the  DNS issues. I also found that these stuff occurs because of our ISP, which may not be permanent but for some time instance.

So if you are experiencing the same case then i would like to share some online websites [although i used proxy site to check] which helps us to check if a website is completely down or not :-

  • : Visit the website and enter the website url and Hit Enter it will show you the status of the website Online or Offline. You can also use their short web address at for same use.
  • : Visit this website and enter the website url that you want to check. This website will also check if the website was down previously and the response time of the url you entered.
  • : This website seems to be new with three of their servers from which they will check your website if it is online or down. Simply visit their website and enter your website to check its status.
  • : This is also similar website where you can simply enter the website address to check the status of the website.

So guys hope these website helps you if you were having bad time not being able to browse website in your browser. If you figured out that the website was just down for you and up for the entire world. You can flush the DNS via command prompt.

Flush Cache

To go in command prompt in Windows System : Click Windows and R button, then type cmd and Hit Enter.  Or you can also type “run” in your Windows 7 or 8 system and type cmd and Hit Enter to go to Command prompt.

Use command ipconfig /flushdns in your command prompt and try browsing the website again, hope it helps 🙂 . If this tip helped you don’t forget to share this so your friends can get help too.

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