[Tested and Working] $100+ a Day with CPA and Instagram

making money with cpa and instagram

making money with cpa and instagram

Finally I am ready to share this Money Making strategy that hundreds of guys are doing to earn $100+ a day with CPA. I personally tried this method and saw real results on my affiliate dashboard. But i have something to tell you before getting into the main strategy. If you are complete newbie then you might not understand what all things i will be talking about. But i will try my best to teach you how these things work.

In this test i used a Content Locking CPA network, CPAGrip (Get your Free Account). I had been trying this network with YouTube at the beginning. Later i was pretty happy to see content locking works better with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If you already know about Niches, Keyword Research and Content Locking you can Skip this part.

If you are unsure about Content Locking, then let me briefly tell you about it.

For example you are searching for some software or ebook in Google. Normally you will checkout every site where you could possibly download that you are looking for. Some time you may get into the page where it asks you to perform some action before downloading. You can check out the image below to understand it. When ever a content is locked (either live video or downloadable software) these are mostly monetized with content locker as below. Whenever someone completes any one offer (eg: Win a New Weber Grill!) then this website owner gets paid by the CPA network.

Demo content locking

I hope now you are clear about what is content locking and how we can make money with it.

Another thing you need to know is Niche.  A niche can be anything. If i want to create a website about Shoes then “Shoes” is my main niche. More related and broad niches can be “Nike Shoes”, “Adidas shoes” etc.

Normally people search for broad niches which people are searching in their daily life. You can take help with Google AdWords Keyword Tool to see what phrase people search and how much average monthly search one keyword has. Once you login to Google AdWords you can find Keyword Planner under Tools as shown in below image.

Keyword Planner

Always keep in mind, no one in the online world who is doing CPA or any niche specific campaign will share their niches. No one will ever tell you their niche although they may teach you the strategy. For example if you found a secret pond inside the forest. Then you are the only guy to sell the fish you catch in that pond. But if you tell your friends about the pond and they began to catch fish too. What will be in your hand after some days? It’s just empty hand, isn’t it ? Same thing implies with niches in online industry.

If you are still unclear about the niche then don’t worry, i will start with a live example and demonstration. I hope you will be clear after reading this.

We can make money on two ways, either by promoting offers directly or by content locking. I will be talking about both ways so you can choose any one way to get started. Good News is you can use the direct promoting strategy with any other CPA Network or affiliate network once you are perfect on it.

I hope you already joined CpaGrip, if not you can join for a Free account by clicking here. Let me guide you inside CpaGrip if you are new with them.

Login to your account. And click on Offers>My Offers on the left panel. Now you can choose Country to see what kind of offers are available along with their offer type and payout. If you plan to promote offers directly instead of Content locking you can simply click on the offer and Copy the Link. Please keep in mind if you are promoting offers directly then it is always better to get the traffic from the Country for better conversion. [ example: I selected “Get the New iPhone SE!” offer and this offer requires people from United States. It is a Email/Zip Submit offer. So if any one from US, clicks on this link and submit their email / zip and completes the offer I will be paid $1.62 ]

iphone offerIf you prefer to work with Content Locking then inside your CPAGrip account please navigate to MONETIZATION TOOLS > Content Lockers and URL/File Lockers

  • Content Lockers: You can hide Live streaming Videos or Download link inside and ask user to complete action to access them. You will need a website or blog where you can put the video or download link to content lock. Once someone will complete action you will be get paid.
  • URL / File Lockers: You can use this option to directly cloak any download link. You don’t require any website for this. You can simply upload the file to any free hosting and use this option to lock so users have to complete an offer to get access to the file.

Now I think almost basic things are covered and let’s get into the real strategy:

Earn $100+ daily with CPA and Instagram

Things Required

  • Niche (Hope you are ready with your niche, i am using “Win Free iPhone SE” for promoting directly. I will use “GTA V Cheats” for content locking strategy)
  • Instagram Accounts  (Create the username similar to your niche. eg: iphonelover, iphoneproboy etc. Fill up most of the fields and make it look real accounts. If you are planning to create multiple Instagram accounts then always login each account from separate IP to secure your account.)
  • Search and Collect some High Quality images on your Niche. I am going to promote iPhone SE so i will google and find some high quality photos of iPhone SE and save them to my computer.

Steps Required

  • If you have a content locking on your website then copy the link. If you have the offer link then copy it. Now head over to url shortner site example bit.ly .  Shorten your link using this tool. In most of the case Instagram immediately finds out the link of any CPA Network so it is always a good idea to use url shortner or link cloaker.
  • Now update 2-3 photos in some time span. Also search for other users (using Instagram hashtag that shows people who are interested on your niche, normally find related accounts and follow people who are showing activity on those profile)
  • Follow these people, like their photos, comment, upload images to show your activity.
  • Put the shortened link in your Bio section.
  • Now you will see your followers are also increasing day by day. Keep calm and keep following and showing activity so your followers too increases. (It’s working time baby)
  • Once you start getting good number of activity on your photos and profile. It’s time to make some money.
  • Now upload a new photo (in my case a girl carrying iPhone SE or a normal iPhone SE inside original box). You can write a message as caption to the image. “Hey do you like to win a Free iPhone SE like this, then check out the link in my bio“. This is just a demo, you can write something that calls the user to go to your Bio and click on the link.
  • As the user is interested in your niche most of them will perform action on your offer link. In case of content locker too, as they are interested on the niche they will not hesitate to perform that action to get the file that you are sharing.

Just send one or two updates a day from 1 account. Also always keep in mind about the time when you send the update on your Account. If you are promoting a US offer then send an update at the morning or day time in the US this will help you bring more targeted users to your offer.

Let me shortlist the activity involved on setting up this money making machine:

  1. Choose a Niche and Find an offer or Upload a file and Link lock it or Content Lock
  2. Shorten the link using free online url shortner tools
  3. Create an Instagram account with username related to niche, upload images and show activity
  4. Add the short url into Bio section.
  5. Follow people who are interested in the niche so you will be followed back
  6. After you get decent amount of followers (example 500+) Upload a photo and Caption with a call to action to the users.
  7. Rinse and Repeat the process

So this is it. I personally tried and tested this method. So i can assure you can too earn some money with this strategy. The more Instagram accounts and niches you work on, the more you can earn with this method. I have some friends who are using this strategy are making $100+ daily.

Also always keep in mind, if you get any new niche (For example during WorldCup i had promoted Live Video links) similarly always find a new niche so you can keep earning like fresh. I hope you remind the example i gave you earlier.

My personal suggestion: If you are already involved on blogging or internet marketing stuff, you can start to make money with this strategy soon. But if you are complete newbie to making money online and blogging, it will take you some time. If you keep on trying and trying then you can succeed. Because i have seen plenty of guys who left in the middle of doing either blogging, or affiliate marketing or CPA Marketing because what they expect is money within the next day. It doesn’t work like that and i would like to tell you to focus on a work so you achieve what you want. All the best!

If you like to invest on some tools to make your task easier for liking, commenting and increasing your activity then there are some tools which will charge you some money. But you should always keep in mind that, logging in to multiple Instagram accounts can ban your account for which you can use private proxies. Automation should be done carefully so your account remains in safe zone.

Also you can try this method (promoting offers directly) for promoting other CPA Network offers or any affiliate products from Clickbank or ShareaSale.

If you have any question and queries after reading this money making strategy then you can leave comments below. I will try to solve them as soon as possible.




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  1. Wow what a detailed instructions given. I am definately goiny to start my new campaign with Instagram. Thanks a lot for putting effort on writing this post.

  2. I am so much happy after reading this informative article . I understood all thing but i feel so hard to start.

  3. Hello bro , Ati nae Use full Articles , Ma euta question sodh6u hai .

    Yadi Maile offer lai Facebook page or Bing Ads baat Promote gare bhane katti ko ramro hola bro

    Thank you

    • FB Ads ra Bing Ads ma directly offer link promote garna mildaina, they will immediately ban your account. If you are good at creating landing page then you can try that way. FB Ads> Landing Page > Offer (but you have to take some precautions)

    • Use Link cloakers or use below tip.

      1. Create a html page and put a 3 second redirect code (redirect to the offer link) with a gif image as loading.
      2. Not shorten this html page link on your instagram account.

      Hope this helps

  4. Wow what a definite directions given. I’m certainly goony to begin my new mission with Instagram. Much appreciated for investing energy on composing this post.

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