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Exclusive Adversal review is here for all the webmasters and bloggers who are looking for AdSense alternatives that pays good as compared to AdSense. If you are a blogger and you are making money with AdSense or any other CPM network then Adversal might be your next choice. Either you have website with running AdSense account or your account was recently banned or you never got your AdSense account approved then you might be looking for AdSense alternatives. For you all Adversal can be another money making publishers platform so you can make money out of your blog or website. Well there are some criteria and terms of Adversal Publisher Network just like other networks which you need to consider before joining their network. Today here i will be discussing about Adversal network along with Adversal Review and how it can be used as an AdSense alternative and you can make good money with your blog. I will also be discussing about what are the important criteria that a blogger should consider before joining Adversal Network. And of course i will also talk about the earning proof and payout information after you begin to earn with Adversal.

Adversal Publisher Platform Company Review

Adversal Media is a digital ad platform network where advertisers can invest to get traffic to their websites or sales-pages. In the same time bloggers and publishers can make money out of the Adversal network by placing various ad formats on their websites. Started on 2003, Adversal is a Indiana, USA based company which is talked as one of the best AdSense alternative for bloggers. They offer real time bidding to advertisers and Banners and popunder ads to the webmasters. They offer Good CPM rates for most of the countries which is good for bloggers.

Who can join Adversal?

To join the Adversal network some most have requirements that you need to consider are mentioned below:

1. your website must have a minimum of 50,000 page views per month with majority of traffic from US and Canada
2. any host that delivers malware or browser hijacks/redirects are prohibited
3. you can not put Adversal ads on sites with copyright content
4. your website should not contain any adult materials
5. English Websites are likely to get approved if you have mate all above criteria.

Adversal Earnings, Payment and Payment Proofs

Publishers can make money with Adversal by putting banner ads and pop under ads on their blog or websites. The minimum payout of Adversal Publisher network is $20. Payments are sent on a NET35 basis which means your payment will be sent 35 days after the end of every month. You can get your payments via PayPal, ACH, Check, or Wire Transfer.

Earning reports are updated daily inside your account dashboard. Once the payment threshold has been reached you will be sent your payment on a NET35 basis.

You can find Payment proof of Adversal by clicking here.

Adversal vs AdSense Review

Well, we all know Google AdSense is one of the top paying publisher network for bloggers. Due to high amount of advertisers competing in any niche via AdWords bloggers are in love with AdSense. But for those people whose AdSense account got disabled or looking for Adsense alternatives that pays good, then Adversal can be a good alternative. Yes with the good CPM rates and standard earnings Adversal is the choice to bloggers after AdSense. People want to compare AdSense alternative based on the earnings that their website can make with same traffic. For this Adversal pays good amount based on the clicks than other networks comparing with AdSense. Payouts are sent via Paypal which is also a plus points to the publishers who are making money with Adversal.

It is positive when we talk about Adversal Review comparing with AdSense. Want to know why ? Well Adversal offers Affiliate program so any one can refer their friends to join Adversal and earn 10% referral income. This is extra money if your referred friend is making good income with their website via Adversal.

It is always a good idea to dig some information before joining any network. That’s why in this post about Adversal Review we try to put as much information about Adversal so you understand clearly about Adversal network. Also it is better to find out the Pros and Cons of any network before joining them. So here i am discussing about some of the Pros and Cons of Adversal Publisher network.

Pros of Adversal Network

1. Accepts publishers worldwide
2. Good support
3. You can use Adversal Ads along with Google Adsense, but take some time to read Google AdSense policy so your AdSense account will not get into trouble
4. Reporting system is great which allows to track different ad campaigns
5. Low Minimum Payout which is $20
6. Very High CPM rates
7. Payment sent on Time

Cons of Adversal Network

1. English Site is recommended
2. Traffic from North America and Europe gets better CPM Rates
3. You need at least 50,000 monthly traffic to join Adversal out of which most traffic must come from USA
4. Earning statics are only updated once a day

How to Join Adversal Publisher network ?

So we almost completed Adversal review by using various factors and also comparing it with Adsense. Now if your website meets the above criteria then you are ready to become Adversal publisher. To get started open and Sign up as a Publisher. You will be taken to the Publisher Register form where you will be notified about the minimum requirement of the website before your account gets approved. Now fill out the form and submit. Your application will be under review before getting approved.

If your account gets approved then you can generate ads and put the banners to your website. If your account got rejected then you can review your site and re-submit your account for review only  after 30 days.

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  1. My adsense got banned recently and i was worries. I feel happy to read that adversal pays good for US traffic as i get massive US and Uk traffic to my blog.

    Thanks for this awesome post.

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