How to create a Facebook Page

How to create a Facebook Page

This posts guides you through the process to create a Facebook Fan Page for your website or business with easy steps.

If you own a blog or a website, running a business, if you are a celebrity etc. and want to keep your fans engaging with your updates then creating a Facebook Fan Page is the best choice as millions of Internet users use Facebook. I will be guiding you to create your own Facebook Page through this post. As i haven’t created my Facebook Page yet so i will be creating mine too, Let’s get started :-

  • Login to Your Facebook Account
  • Click this Link : Create a Page
  • Now choose your Page Category, Put your Page Name, Agree the Terms of Facebook and click Get Started
  • Add more info about your Page
  • Upload the profile image for your Page & Next
  • You are done creating your Facebook Page. You can add a nice Cover Image that represent your website or business.

So it was really easy creating a Facebook Page, now you can create your own page and there is no limit for creating page by Facebook.

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