How to Make Money Online for FREE

How to Make Money Online

This post talks about various ways to make money online for FREE using your Computer connected to the Internet.

How to make Money Online for FREE?

Do you know the world goes Ups/Down through so called Recession [Wiki] and lots of people are kicked off their from their Job every year. But thanks a lot to Technology which allows us to earn six figure income staying inside home using the ability and knowledge inside us. No matter if its not six figure to all but guys like John Chow, Pat Flynn, Amit Agrawal and many more are making thousands of dollar every month online.

So how’s that ? You may be asking this question yourself if you are new to the term “Make Money Online”. But the fact is that there are various ways to make money online of which you can pick any area that suits you. People write blogs, trade money and do affiliate marketing which are only some of the ways to make money online where as you can even utilize your knowledge by writing about something you know or selling your skills on sites like Fiverr, Freelancer etc.

Here are some ways which i recommend you (newbie) to the world of Online earners.

  1. Blogging : Blogging states for writing a blog. Please don’t get confuse “writing a blog” what the heck is this ? To make you clear, the post you are reading now is a post on my blog. Yeh, so you can write a blog on any topic that you know and share with the world. You can start a free blog with (a free platform for starting a blog powered by Google) or if you want to start your blog. To earn monetizing your blog i would recommend you using or get a cheap hosting with Hostgator and install WordPress (using 1 click installer, its easy) on it and start writing on your blog. So you started your own blog but what next ? How to earn using a blog ? – You might be asking this yourself. Now you can signup for Adsense (powered by Google) or any other network like Bidvertiser etc. and monetize your blog to earn.
    Using these network you can put Banner Ads on your blog which helps you to earn good income. But keep in mind You need visitors or traffic on your blog then only your earning will increase. Thinking about how to get traffic to your blog ? No worries you can use social media website like facebook, comment on other blogs, social bookmark your posts etc. for getting free visitors to your website.
  2. Affiliate Marketing : Creating a blog, monetizing and generating traffic to earn may not be easy for everybody. If yes Affiliate Marketing might be the one for you. So what’s Affiliate Marketing ? Its the process in which you promote others product online and get paid. Yes you can promote others product online to make good money online but where to get such products ? Don’t worry there are big companies like, etc. where you can get products which you can promote and earn cash online.Ok created an account on them but how to promote ? You may be thinking this but no worries my friend you can promote such products by creating a Youtube Video with your Affiliate link on the description of the video, or Advertising on sites like and (need to pay for advertising). Also you can write a review about the product and post to article directories including your affiliate link. So when ever someone clicks your affiliate link and make a purchase you will be getting Affiliate sales commission.
  3. Freelancing : Ok creating a blog and doing Affiliate Marketing is not the one that influence you so what next ? Well in that case i would like to recommend you to do freelancing. You can use your knowledge to solve others problem. If you have skills on Graphics Design, Website development, Application development, Writing etc. then there are lot of website where you can earn for your skills., Freelancer, Gigbucks etc. are some of the website where you can offer your service for some price.

Beside these free ways to make money online you can also do Forex Trading for which you need some money to get started. Also i would like to make you aware that there are lot of SCAMS running who guarantee to make money for paying them some bucks. Always make habit of reading reviews before buying such product which guarantee to make money easily without working because without working a dime its not easy to make money online.

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