How to register a domain name

How to register a domain name

How to register a domain name

Are you planning to start a website or a blog ? Well when it comes to go online either yourself or your business or company a website is the one that comes in everyone’s mind. If i need a ticket to New York i will search for a airfare website, if i want to buy something from Asda i will browse their website, if i want to know about any University in Australia i will go for a website with the reviews of the Universities in Australia following to the University’s website. Just like i need websites to make my life easier i created this blog myself where i can share stuff i know to people who may get help with my posts. So today a website for a company or a business is mandatory (as in some countries IT is developing and the awareness too). Ok you have a company and you want to create a website but what next? The primary thing now you need to get started with a website is the domain name. A domain name is something like where earndaddy is the domain name of my blog. For a company you can use your company name or short form of your company name.

Before proceeding, i think you need to know about the domain extensions like .com, .biz, .net, .org  and the domain levels. You may know .com extensions are used for any top level domains for commercial websites, .biz for business websites, .org for any organization websites and so on. As most of the companies use .com being the widely known top level domain. But what if you don’t find the domain name for your company. For example there may be hundreds companies online that have the exact name of your company (mostly for local companies). In this case you can use regional domain name for your company. For example i have a UK based company “Everest Infosys” and i want the domain but i found that a company on some other company with the same name are using that domain name. So in this case i will try for the regional base domain name like which is a local domain name perfect for my company. Like every countries has their own top level domain extensions like for Nepal, .in for India, for Australia and so on. So if you don’t get the .com, .biz or .org for your company you can go for the regional version of these domain names.

You may be ready with the domain name for your website. So now it’s turn to register a domain name. There are plenty of Domain Registrar available who will help you to register your domain. GoDaddy, Namesilo, NamecheapEnom, 1and1 etc. are some of the well known domain registrar who also provide web hosting services to host your website. Beside them other big web hosting companies like Hostgator, Bluehost, Site5, Justhost, Dreamhost, Bigrock etc. too provide service for domain registration.

While registering a domain name with these domain registrars and hosting companies you may like to get domains for cheap price with additional services like whois privacy, ssl etc. Godaddy is famous for offering wide ranges of discount coupons during registration and renewals which you may use during the registration process and get heavy discount. Also Namesilo is renown for its FREE whois privacy included on a normal price for life time. You can visit each websites and find out their prices for their services including the addons too.

Now get your credit card or visa debit card ready to purchase a domain for you. Even some domain registrars offer payment via paypal, payza, bitcoin etc. for your convenience. To register a domain you need to create an account on the Domain registrar. Signup is easy, enter you name, address and email address to register to any domain registrar. Confirm your email by clicking the verification link which will be sent to your email by most of the registrar. As soon as your account is verified now you can search any domain name on their website, if available you can continue to register that domain name. After the payment is done now you owe that domain name and you successfully completed the process to register a domain name.

You got the domain, now you may need to host it somewhere. If you bought the domain for your company then you must be looking for a reliable web hosting company. You can check out Hostgator which is one of the reputed web hosting provider, you can get some big Hostgator discount coupons here. Else you can also configure your domain for or any other third party free blogging platform.

So this is it, i think now you can register a domain name yourself using any domain registrar.

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  1. Really handy and useful tips on getting domains. I am newbie to online blogging world.

    Thanks a lot for the information.

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