How to remove malware from your Computer

How to remove Malware

How to remove Malware

Are you facing problems like your laptop or desktop running slower than usual ? Are you getting unusual pop ups while browsing internet on your browsers ? If yes then your computer might be infected by some virus or Malware. Yes a virus and Malware can get injected on  your computer system even if you have an antivirus, may be injected from your USB drive or any websites. If you fell some unusual activities mentioned above in your computer system then it might be infected by Malware or viruses. Some Malware can be too much dangerous so you may need to do a clean format your computer system but why to format if your system can be Malware free without formatting. Without talking more let’s get into work on how to remove Malware from your Windows system.

Step 1 : Reboot your System on Safe Mode

Disconnect your computer from internet connection either by unplugging the LAN Cable or turning off the Wifi. Reboot your computer on Safe Mode, you can do it by pressing F8 Key repeatedly during the rebooting process. After that you will be taken to Advanced Boot Options menu, choose Safe Mode with Networking and hit Enter key.

Step 2 : Delete Temporary and Junk Files

Doing this process, we will be cleaning the unwanted files to speed up the System scan later. You can use any cleaners like CC Cleaner or Final Uninstaller for making this task simple. Or you can simply navigate to
Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup

Or if you are using Windows 7 or later version you can simply type Disk Cleanup in the Start Menu and perform the Disk Cleanup.

Step 3 : Scan Computer with a Malware Scanner

Ok, now we have cleaned the unwanted files on our system and the Malware scan process can be performed more smoothly. Make sure you have a backup of a Malware Scanner or any Antivirus Software you are using. Or I recommend you to install eScan Antivirus or Malwarebytes which are light antivirus program that helps you kick out the Malware files from your computer system. You can use them for free to cleanup your computer system from virus and Malwares. Simply install the program (or run if you already have a pre installed antivirus program) in your computer system ans run a full scan.

Now the scanner will find out all the virus and Malware infected files in your system which you can delete to make your system Malware free.

Here is a quick video tutorial by Richard Lloyd on how to remove Malware on your computer System.

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