How to Type Nepali or Hindi (Devanagari) in WordPress

By | December 21, 2013

Type Nepali in WordPress
This post discuss on how to type Nepali or Hindi letters in WordPress blogs without getting error.

WordPress is one of the best platform for blogging because of its flexibility and easy to use interface. That’s the reason most of the people across the globe use it for creating their personal or professional blog. Today i am going to discuss about the problem and solution that i faced while starting a Nepali blog using WordPress. This can be the same problem for many of you who are new to WordPress or even some time this can freak the mind of professionals.

Suppose you write a post in Nepali or Hindi in your newly installed WordPress blog and published it. When you check the post you are able to see only ????? or some rectangular box instead of the article that you tried to publish. Yes this is the exact problem i face and today i am going to share a simple trick that can solve this issue, so you can publish your blog again without having any problem.

So first you need to login to your File Manager  and follow below instructions

Open wp-config.php

Find below codes

define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8');
define('DB_COLLATE', '');

Now add // in front of both the codes and save the file. After changes it looks as below :-

//define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8');
//define('DB_COLLATE', '');

That was easy isn’t it ? Now you can publish your article in WordPress blog without any error. 🙂


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