How to verify Facebook Page

By | August 28, 2014

Verified Facebook Page

Do you have a Facebook page ? Well if you have then you must be aware about the verified Facebook Pages. I don’t mean you must have a Facebook page to understand about the verified pages. As we can find lot of Facebook pages which are verified, one of them is screenshot above (Justin Bieber). You may too want to verify your Facebook page as it can ensure your fans how legit your page is. If you are running a real business or if you are a celebrity or artists and you are searching for the exact way how you can verify your page then you are at right place. Here i will be sharing the working and legit way of verifying Facebook pages so you can get yourself a blue verification batch. Without wasting your time let me start over:

So first thing you need to know is Facebook is only allowing few category pages to get verified. Yes, first you need be sure that your page comply with these Facebook allowed categories to get verified. The allowed Categories by Facebook to get verified are:  Celebrities, Journalists, Government officials, Popular brands and businesses. So if your page is under these categories then move on to the next step.

Secondly if you are Celebrity then you need your ID or if you represent any brand or business then you need your articles of incorporation. And one thing i nearly forget, please fill out your About page and details on your page to make it professional. Also don’t forget to link your Facebook Page from your official website. After doing this please click on any one link available below:

You may be wondering why i am writing the working link as of 28th August 2014, well it’s because Facebook keeps changing their Contact url. So what i want to notify you that the link was working till the date mentioned above if it is broken later.

Facebook Contact Page for Page Verification

Now fill out the form and submit. You are done and you will get an email shortly stating Congratulations if your page is verified or some information that you need to comply to get your page verified by Facebook support.

Page verified Message from Facebook

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