ShareCash Review

Sharecash llc review

Sharecash llc review

ShareCash is one of the popular Pay Per Download network among people who are making money online uploading files. Yes, you read it right. You upload something and share it on your social network friends circle or blog about it or simply refer somebody in the forum. Once somebody downloads the file via the link you shared. BOOM! You just made some money with Sharecash. Isn’t it really easy? Let’s dig some more information via this ShareCash review blog post, including some good ways to start making money with ShareCash. I think you gonna like it. $$$

Introduction to ShareCash

ShareCash is one of the legit PPD Network that pays people for uploading files as they get’s downloaded. ShareCash is listed as one of the most revolutionary and highest paying PPD website in the internet. As per their website, they claim that they have offers starting $1 to $20 with large advertiser database. With highest payouts, innovative tools and helpful community ShareCash is on business since late 2008.

The process for earning with ShareCash

So you got to know about ShareCash but you don’t understand the logic behind Pay per Download earning. Let me illustrate an example for you so you understand the logic behind making money with uploading files to ShareCash.

Till then you may like to Join ShareCash. You can click on the register button available on the top right on their official website. Fill up the form and submit. Your account get’s ready to get started. There is no hassle for getting your account approved waiting hours just like in other CPA Networks.

For example, i have an ebook in which 5 Methods to Make Money Online are mentioned. So i will upload it to ShareCash. Then i will grab the link and share it to my followers via my social network sites. I can also share the link on some discussion forum where people are desperate to learn about earning online. When some one click on my link and tries to download the file, ShareCash will lock the download option with some offers. These offers can be some survey, software download or email / zip submission. Any user who want to download the ebook must complete the survey presented by ShareCash. These offers are advertised by the Advertisers. Once some one completes the offer, they can download the file. In the meantime ShareCash will pay me some Money out of the Advertiser paid to them.

This is how it works, the more people downloads from my link completing offers, i make more money. It’s really simple and i hope you now got a clear vision on how ShareCash money making system works.

How to Make Money with ShareCash

If you get the concept behind how ShareCash works as i talked earlier then you are ready to get started. You can start uploading some tips, softwares, ebooks, study materials etc. You can do some research and write some tips on any topic like weight loss, hair treatment etc. and prepare an ebook. Then you can upload it to your ShareCash account. Now the best part is marketing about your file. It is always a good idea to shorten the download link using url shortner like or Once you shorten you link, you can now head over to Google and search for forum discussions, Yahoo answers, Youtube Videos and other question answer websites. Find relevant topics to your ebook / file and recommend them your download link. Don’t simply spam there with the link. It is always a good idea to write something according to the topic and finally paste your link as source link for the file.

The more you share and talk about your ebook / file, chances for getting more download is huge. The more downloads, there are more chances for people to complete the offers which will result in more revenue for you. Always research and choose decent topics or niches so you can get desperate downloaders for your file.

ShareCash Review

I would like to list out some pros and cons of ShareCash as their review. I will also talk about the payment proof by ShareCash because lot of you guys might want to see if really ShareCash pays or not.

Pros of ShareCash

  • Aged company since 2008 in business with thousands of high-performing ads and surveys for over 200 countries. The more country a network supports, it is really a great chance to make more money.
  • Payment are sent Monthly and Bi-Weekly
  • Minimum payout is $20
  • They provide various types of monetization tools including File Lockers, Link Lockers, Widgets and customizable Landing Pages
  • Good Support with active community forum for users
  • Multiple Payment options available: Payza, Payoneer, Wire Transfer/ACH, and Checks
  • Referral system exist so anybody can earm between 5%-12% commission from their referrals

Cons of ShareCash

  • People might get lazy to complete offers as sometime long survey are available
  • Sometime appropriate offers not available for third world countries

ShareCash Income Reports

While talking about ShareCash Payment proof and income report Jitesh Prasad shared his ShareCash income proof here. Similarly MilanChymcak shares his income proof here.

So here i would like to sum up and end this post on ShareCash review. I tried to add as much things a newbie needs to know about ShareCash so they can start making money. If there are some queries or i missed something, you can simple leave a comment below.

Also if you are making good income out of ShareCash don’t forget to share your success story in the comment section below.

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