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Hey guys are you looking for active High pr free RSS feed Submission Sites list ? Well Cheer up, today i am presenting you top free RSS website list where you can submit your website’s or blog’s RSS feed. Yes after certain versions of Google animal updates like Pengiun and Panda the Power of RSS is not yet saturated and RSS sites still helps to improve your site’s SEO. If you are not familiar with RSS (Wiki), RSS  stands for Rich Site Summary that gets updated automatically whenever the site is updated. The list of RSS Submission site is available at the bottom of the page. Till then let’s talk about RSS, its importance and other factor which helps for the SEO benefits of your website.

How Crucial is RSS Feed for your Site

In the hunt of attracting more number of visitors, a blog owner has to employ various strategies. Putting too much emphasizes on social media promotion, or other SEO strategy is fine. But, you shouldn’t ignore the RSS feed completely through the process. Let’s have a look on how crucial can be RSS feed for your site.

Visitor Dragging:

RSS feed is really crucial for a blog. It lets the visitors for subscribing the contents. They are subscribing your content basically signifies that they love your work. Once someone loves something, he/she can’t stop from revealing near his/her friends. It is seen pretty often that these kinds’ of visitors share the contents they love through the social media. And, we all know how fast something spreads through the social networking platform. The most important part in all these actions is that the process increases visitors for your site at a geometric progression rate. Being a blog/site owner what more can you expect!

Makes your Site Optimized and hikes backlink rates

This is a fantastic technique for optimizing your site. There are many search engines those let you put the RSS feed. These search engines take it (RSS Feed) into account for indexing the site.

Being a blogger, you are obvious to be aware about the backlinks. Backlink is a handy strategy in getting more exposure. On this context, it is here to mention that there can’t be any better way of finding the backlinks than RSS feed. It helps in indexing your site at a great rate; in turn your contents reach more targeted audience.

Generate Fresh Audience

One of the important parts of blogging is to make your contents available with new groups of readers. It works like a network. The chain must go on. Otherwise, you can’t always expect the same level of visiting from a certain group of people always. RSS submission is a great approach in bringing fresh audience for your work. The RSS submission provides your contents with larger groups of audiences through syndication. In addition, RSS feed is one of the crucial strategies in search engine optimization.

Creative aspects

Blogging or making money online through a site is all about being creative. You simply can’t sustain here for too long if you are orthodox. Email marketing is a quite conventional strategy for blog promotions. However, if you compared it with RSS feed, you can easily realize the effectiveness level between both. It becomes pretty apparent that RSS feed is much more communicative in comparison with email. At the same time, it is preferable in terms of expense as well.

The best part about a RSS feed is that it lets your content reach near the targeted audience. The process being very specific makes your blog available with the latent people.

Makes Site Friendly

Your site needs to be user-friendly to attract more and more audiences. On this context, RSS feed is a great option. It’s pretty smooth. The audience just need to hit the RSS feed of your site, and they remain latest through the RSS account with your latest release. In addition, the RSS submission increases traffic at a great rate. It is beneficial both for those who subscribe it, and for the blog owners.

Better reach at targeted audience

One of the creamy parts about the RSS feed is that the site gets linked in a continuous manner. It is not demanding like other backlink strategies. RSS feed makes you focusing with the targeted audience. You keep them busy with your latest products. It lets you know the feedback of the customers and maintain the relationship pretty nicely.

Here is a list of some HIGH PR Free RSS submission site list where you can submit your website’s feed for maximum exposure. As this is a filtered list with working links ( checked and verified today ). I have filtered lot of RSS feed submission sites that were closed and not working. If you guys know any other working RSS Submission site list then don’t forget to leave comment. This helps to increase this fresh  and working site list so everyone who is looking for RSS Feed submission site list can be benefited.

List of High PR Free RSS Submission Site [Paid]

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  1. I heard submitting rss to rss directories has huge impact on seo. Glad to see you have listed awesome list of high DA PA rss directories here.

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