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If you are into link building automation or social media marketing automation then you already know how much money you are wasting for Captcha solving api every month. Well today we got a solution for your problem. It’s called XEvil and you can call it as a beast when it comes to Captcha solving.

Captcha solving has become an integral part of modern-day automation and software development. In the world of automation and bots, captcha solving has become a crucial aspect for various software applications. Captchas are designed to prevent automated bots from spamming or abusing websites. However, they can also be a roadblock for software that needs to automate certain tasks. That’s where captcha solvers come in, and one of the most popular ones is XEvil, developed by Botmaster Labs.

As of now there are two versions of XEvil i.e. XEvil 5 which is a stable version where as XEvil 6 is currently on beta. XEvil version 5 is a powerful captcha solver that can handle thousands of text captchas and solve recaptcha 2 and recaptcha 3 with a high success rate. It uses advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to recognize and solve captchas. The software is stable and can be purchased for commercial use from http://www.botmasterlabs.net .

Botmaster Labs is also working on XEvil version 6, which has a beta version available. The latest version promises to solve all normal captchas, Google recaptcha 2, recaptcha 3, and hcaptcha with even faster speed and accuracy. This means that bots using XEvil will be able to solve captchas more efficiently, leading to increased productivity.

One of the most common use cases for captcha solving is in web scraping. Web scraping involves the extraction of data from websites, and captcha solving is necessary to bypass the captcha challenges that are designed to prevent automated access. By using captcha solvers like XEvil, web scrapers can extract data from websites without any hindrance.

Another area where captcha solving is widely used is in social media automation. Many businesses and individuals use bots to automate their social media tasks, such as following, liking, and commenting on posts. However, social media platforms have implemented captchas to prevent automated access. With the help of captcha solvers, social media bots can bypass these captchas and perform their tasks seamlessly.

In addition to web scraping and social media automation, captcha solving is also used in SEO software and link building software. These tools require automated access to websites, and captchas can be a significant obstacle. By using captcha solvers like XEvil, SEO software and link building software can solve captchas and carry on with their tasks uninterrupted.

Either it’s RankerX, SEO Autopilot, GSA Search Engine Ranker or any other link building automated software, XEvil saves hundreds of dollars on Captcha solving while comparing to online Captcha solving services like 2captcha or anycaptcha.

Captcha solving is also essential in email marketing automation. Many email marketing tools require automated access to email accounts, and captchas can be a barrier to this automation. With the help of captcha solvers, email marketing tools can bypass captchas and access email accounts seamlessly.

Requirements for runing XEvil

If you want to use XEvil 5, you will need Xrumer which is a beast on link building automation but comes along while purchasing XEvil 5 license. You will need a solid VPS with atleast 32 GB of RAM and 8 core processor to run it smoothly. The more threads of RECAPTCHA you are planning to run you would need more high end server. In addition to that you will need some good ipv6 proxies for solving Google Recaptcha using XEvil.

Keep in mind, even you might say that’s a huge investment for XEvil including proxies and Server, it’s not even closer to 10% of an online  Recaptcha solving service price. It’s totally worthy.

Check out this video and see the power  of this Captcha solving software XEvil 6:

Overall, captcha solving is an essential technology in the modern age of automation and software development. It allows businesses and individuals to automate their tasks more efficiently and effectively, leading to increased productivity and success.

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