Some Facebook Questions with Answers

Facebook Questions and Answers

Facebook Questions and Answers

Facebook, the social network giant is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Each day thousands of member signup for new account on Facebook. Mostly people spend their time on Facebook simply by chatting with family and friends, uploading and checking photos by their friends and playing games that are available in Facebook. Also it’s a fact that Facebook is making billions of Dollars as revenue every month by their Advertisement platform for webmasters and business owners.

As we use Facebook daily but there are plenty of stuff we are unaware about inside Facebook. Some people who are new to Facebook even don’t know how to signup a free account with Facebook. There may be numerous questions in people’s mind about Facebook that may be looking for some answers and today we are presenting you people some of the unknown Facebook Questions and answers. So you don’t need to question yourself what that really means in Facebook.

On Facebook what does poke mean?

Well poke is a simple function on Facebook which sends a notification to your friend about You poked him or her. Just like we poke our friends with our figure, it’s Facebook attempt to give the poke the virtual action.

On Facebook what does bump mean?

Well bump means to make a thread active out of others in online world. Similarly on Facebook we can bump comments by liking so that those most liked comments are seen on the top.

On Facebook what does WCW means?

On Facebook if you get a message WCW then it stands for Woman Crush Wednesday.

On Facebook what does following means?

Well, following means you want to get updates by the person whom you are following in Facebook. If you follow any of your friends or Facebook Page then you will start getting most of their updates on your Facebook wall.

On Facebook what does SMH means?

Well its no thing hard as SMH means Shake My Hands, this short form are used in Facebook or while chatting with friend on other chat platforms.

On Facebook what does PM means?

You may have seen people writing PM me on comments. PM stands for Private Message, it means they are asking others to private message or chat them on Facebook.

On Facebook what does TBT mean?

Well the TBT hashtag either it is used on twitter of Facebook means Throw Back Thursday .

On Facebook what does TAG mean?

Ok, when you upload an image on Facebook. Most of the time it automatically recognizes the people in the photo. To make it easy to know who these people are Facebook use the Tag option or even we can Tag our friends so that they get the notification and get invited to check out the image just uploaded.

On Facebook what does MCM mean?

Just like TBT and WCM in Facebook MCM means Man-Crush Monday.

On Facebook what does a mutual friend mean?

Well we have many friends from our school to college days. There may be lot of people who knows me and also my friend. In case of Facebook if a  girl is already added by my friend’s Facebook account and now i want to add her to my friend list then, my friend will be mutual friend between us.

On Facebook what does admin mean?

We can create free Facebook Pages for your business or personal Fanpage for Celebrities. The people who manages and updates these pages are known as admin or Page admin.

On Facebook what does boost post mean?

If you are running a Facebook Page then after you post anything to your Page you will get an option to boost post. Boost Post is an option by Facebook to the Page admins so they can pay money to Facebook and that post will be delivered to large circle of audiences as per the ads is set.

On Facebook what does block mean?

In Facebook there is an option to block anyone. It means when i block you then you will not be able to see my profile or anything about me on Facebook. When a person is blocked on Facebook even the Chat conversation will shows up the name as “Facebook User” instead of the original name of the person.

On Facebook what does brb mean?

Well brb means Be right Back. This short form is widely used on Facebook Chat.

On Facebook what does get notifications mean?

If you want to get notification about your friend’s update or any page’s update or any group’s update then you can enable this function. So you will get notification each time there will a fresh update.

There are more such minor questions related to Facebook of which people may be looking for answers but i would like to pack up as of today. Enjoy !

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